Find your divine healing gifts and help others with energy healing.

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Bring more joy & balance into your career and prevent burnout, by creating a special healing connection with your clients.

how can you use energy healing in your life & career?

"Alicia is so welcoming, kind and a wonderful instructor. I especially loved some exercises she showed us to protect our own energy in overwhelming environments. 10/10!!"


About Reiki

Reiki can be a very effective healing art that may promote deep peace and relaxation for you and your clients. Once learned, Reiki can be done on yourself, and all your loved ones, including children and animals. Receiving the Reiki attunements can be a profoundly healing experience.
It creates a deeper sense of peace and calm in life, and also allows for more energy to do what you love in the world. Reiki can create beautiful energy and is a great tool to add to your tool kit, whether it is offering it to your clients, or using it for yourself to heal your own energy when you need it.

how can you use reiki in your life & career?

Who this is for:

  • Are interested in accessing your innate healing abilities
  • Want to deepen your understanding of energy 
  • Are interested in creating better interactions with your clients or the people in your life
  • Want to connect to your intuition
  • Are curious about energy medicine
  • Want to join a community of like-minded healers
  • Want to be able to help your body heal itself 

this is for you if you...

class highlights

10am-5pm w/Included Lunch Break

Training Manual

Small Class Size for a Calm + Intimate Setting

Personalized Certificate

Education on Reiki Energy

Attunements to Open Up Energy Pathways in your Chakras

21 Day Natural Chakra Clearing Process 

Get Reiki certified

Reiki Training

Reiki 1 Certification

8 hours (with 1 for lunch) full of good energy and magic! Open the doors to Reiki Energy Healing. We'll explore the art of Reiki as a group and learn how to channel Universal Life Force Energy to assist the body in healing itself. This course has a maximum of 6 attendees to allow for an intimate setting and individual attention. You will be led through a thorough breakdown of the process and history of Reiki with fun extras to aid in your journey. You will receive an attunement to open energetic pathways in your system to allow for the energy to flow through you, a course manual, and both RECEIVE and GIVE your first session. Workbooks/Class materials are included. Leave with a Certificate of Completion.

Next Date 5/19/24

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Reiki 2 Certification

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8 hour class (with 1 for lunch) full of good energy and magic! We'll build on top of Level One training with Level Two. You'll receive your second attunement to allow for more energy flow and an expansion of consciousness. Learn reiki symbols to boost Reiki, balance mental/emotional aspects, and facilitate long distance healing. Reiki is not limited by time and distance with this level, send healing to past and future events for yourself and others. Gain more information about the work + Reiki symbols, and give your first remote session! Workbooks/Class materials are included. Leave with a Certificate of Completion.

Next Date 6/2/24

Reiki 3 Certification (Master Practitioner)

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8 hours (with 1 for lunch) full of good energy and magic! Level Three / Master Practitioner Level deals with, among other things, the promotion of self-growth and self-realization. The typical candidate who requests admission and attunement to the Third Degree is one who is committed to the service of others. This service often is not limited to Reiki. Others often see the typical Third Degree candidate as being in service to all of creation and desires to make a difference in today's world. If you are reading this, this is innately you. Learn the final symbol and deepen your practice. Workbooks/Class materials are included. Leave with a Certificate of Completion.



Integrated Energy Therapy uses techniques brought to us by the nine Healing Angels of the energy field, to work directly with your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA. IET supports you in safely and gently release energy patterns of your past, balance your life in the present, and helps you reach for the stars as you evolve into your future.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Training

Who this is for:

  • Are wanting to begin an energy healing practice.
  • Are curious about other healing modalities
  • Want to enhance your practice. It is a beautiful addition to Reiki, Massage, Crystal Healing, Polarity
  • Therapy etc
  • Accelerate your spiritual growth
  • Learn to connect and work with Angels
  • Want to join a community of like-minded healers

this is for you if you...

class highlights

  • 10am-6pm w/ Breaks and Lunch Hour
  • Class Materials (Handbook, Quick Reference Guide, The Healing Angels of the Energy Field book by Stevan Thayer
  • Small class size for an intimate setting
  • Personalized Certificate
  • You will learn about the cellular memory areas where we unconsciously store traumas, stress, limiting beliefs, and patterns that can negatively affect our well-being.
  • You will be taught Basic Level Techniques that work at the 1st (physical) and 2nd (emotional) pair of the 12-Strand DNA and will provide you with the ability to clear physical and emotional energy imbalances from the cellular memory and leave in their place positive physical and emotional energy imprints.
  • Give and Receive a full IET® session during this class.
  • You will receive an attunement that will open your energy field to the power of Integrated Energy Therapy® Basic Level Ray.

get the "issues out of your tissues"

About IET

how can you use IET in your life & career?

Crystal Healing Classes

You will learn the basics of Chakras and understand how to use crystals as a healing modality. We will explore placements, uses, how and why to cleanse crystals. We get hands on practice so you can start implementing the use of crystals in your life right away. 


Special Events

Twelfth House Studio loves holding special events that align with our community and channel our energy as a collective. To check all the exciting things our community has scheduled - click the link below.

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"Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future."

Let's uncover the version of you that is whole, healed and true. 

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